AGM 2011

Minutes of the AGM held at The Stafford Arms, Scholes on Wednesday 19th October 2011


16 Members were present.


The Chairman unfortunately was unable to attend due to work commitments so the chair was taken by Gayle.


Apologies for Absence:

Received from: Tony, Sean, Richard H, Alice.


Minutes of the Last AGM

Copies of the last AGM were available and the Chair highlighted the detail within each section.

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


Reports of Officers:

Chairman’s Report:

The year had been a fantastic one for the club which has grown from strength to strength. The commitment and interest by all the members is valued and help support the club. Significant personal achievements have been realised by many members, well done to all.


Secretaries Report:

Another year of development for the club, both in shooting standards, and how the club operates and runs. Our base at the farm has been established and the container well used to support all our needs. We are constantly on the hunt for the perfect shooting range so any suggestions to research are always welcome.

Our membership currently stands at 24, 18 Senior and 6 Junior. All have registered to Archery GB for the coming year, October to September 2012. When our new year starts in March 2012, I anticipate membership staying at 24.

Thanks to all members who managed to get their Archery GB affiliation fees in on time in readiness for our annual return to be with them by September 1st, that deadline was met. Much to my surprise Archery GB met their deadline of getting cards to members exactly on the 1st October as they said they would.

Once again Archery GB changed their process of re registering. The electronic based system promised, never materialised, who knows what next year will bring.

I represented the club once again at the Y.A.A. AGM.  Always an interesting meeting, where the rivalry in many sections of the organisation is fought out. A meeting however which can be informative and one which all clubs should be represented at.

Another year where the founding values of the club have been maintained and strengthened, due to the interest and enthusiasm of members who follow a common love of the toxophilitic art.






Treasures Report:

Gayle outlined the accounts for the year which showed us to be in a strong position for such a small club with limited numbers. She proposed that no increase be made toward club subscriptions, especially as members shooting indoor were paying a contribution toward costs. This was agreed by all.

Fundraising was identified as a major part of our income each year. Gayle detailed the amounts raised at each have a go event. Red House Museum was again disappointing so it was agreed not to support this in 2012. Simon suggested that we explore the Possibility of a ‘have a go’ at Brighouse gala next summer. Simon to explore this.

Additional funding may be available from the RBS grants for small sporting clubs. Gayle had prepared a statement and the issue of referees was discussed. Chris to submit the bid.


Records Officers report:

Don outlined the achievements of members through the outdoor season which was considerable. Both junior and senior sections have had a great year. 2 Master Bowmen, 1 junior Bowman, county representations and a string of personal bests by many members.

Classification badges were awarded to: James, Bowmen – Simon and Matt, 1st class – Jessie and Lewis, 2nd class – Abigail and Don, 3rd class. Well done to all.


Coaching Officers Report:

2010-2011 has been a year where the abilities of many members has risen to a new level. This is evident by the distances members are shooting, the scores they are achieving, the classifications they are reaching, the number of competitions they are entering and the friendly competition that is developing. All signs we believe of a healthy club.

In January we ran a beginners course for two seniors and one junior. A very successful course was completed with all three joining the club and being active members who have made significant progress since. Currently we have a number of names interested in a beginners course but little of the 25 club membership spaces available. Our aim is to run a beginners course in the new year, for a select few.

Three members have been receiving personal coaching from Andy Arnold. In two cases significant personal achievements were realised in reaching Master Bowmen status, Gayle and Richard S. James also achieved Junior Bowman status, this in his first year of shooting. We congratulate them all for being selected to shoot for Yorkshire.

Andy has become a close friend to this club and we congratulate his achievement of becoming a senior coach earlier this year. This link has brought to the club a new level of coaching, able to support members further as they develop their technique, as well as developing the knowledge and coaching practice of the clubs two qualified coaches, Gayle and I.

In April Andy led a coaching clinic at the club where many members were supported. On many other occasions since he has visited the club and given follow up advice and direction to those wishing it.    

Both club coaches have continued to support members with shooting issues either equipment or technique and remain always willing to assist if required.

Plans for the future include working with club members who want to take part in target setting and personalised action planning. This all sounds very wordy but more on this later in the meeting.


CPO and Welfare Officers Report

Thankfully no report was necessary.



Election of Officers

All officers were proposed and seconded and approved by the meeting.

As a result the officers for the coming year are:

Chairman                              Richard H

Secretary                            Chris

Treasure                              Gayle

Records Officer                  Don

Coaching Officers                 Gayle and Chris

Equipment Officer               Richard S

Field Captain                        Tony     Deputy   Richard S

CPO and Welfare Officers   Simon and Abigail

Tournament Officers           Andy and David

Junior tournament officers  Tanya and Matt   This for the indoor season initially to allow junior members to shoot rounds ( 3 Dozen arrows) on a ladder format.




Gayle – outlined the idea of members who wished to discuss and set personal action plans for their own development. The idea was well received. A proforma to be drawn up to act as a focus for discussion. Gayle, Chris, Richard H and Richard S to coach members through the process.


Equipment – It was agreed to buy 4 new bosses from club funds, more if grant successful. Also to bid to Yorkshire for any spare bosses at appropriate time. Have a go’s highlighted need for smaller arrows and bows. Agreed to get some small Jelly bows and light arrows. EBay to be monitored for arrows and bought if appropriate.


Christmas Party. – Hall booked for 10th December. Discussion on food resulted in members agreeing to bring a variety of food items, Janice to organise. Try this year not to bring too much food as last. Activities at party to be coordinated by Tanya and Lewis.


Yorkshire Sword Nominations – All clubs can nominate an archer who has contributed significantly to Yorkshire archery during the year. Andy Arnold was suggested as a nomination from this club. Andy to be asked his reaction to the proposal when next seen. If nomination agreed then club to develop a citation to support the nomination.


Gayle went round the room asking for any issues members would like to raise:


Abigail – thought the cost of our beginners courses very low for what was delivered. After discussion agreed to increase the cost to £40.00 Senior and £20.00 Junior.  Sandwich list available for Saturday mornings from local deli, will deliver to field.


Don -  Suggested that the 252 for 3 dozen arrows be a ‘rule’ for beginners and inexperienced archers to achieve before they progress to the next distance. Suggestion well received and linked to badges in recognition of achievement. May also help to minimise lost arrow situations.


Gayle – Lost arrow board working well, will adopt as our field practice from now on.

Web site problems are: no space left for photos and lack of information given to Tony to add. Thanks to Tony and Sue for their work on the site. Look into possibility of expanding the storage, this at a cost. Other forums for discussion and information on Nova Bowmen Facebook group.    


Meeting Closed at 8.45PM