We are pleased that as a club we have so many active members who want to shoot and support club sessions. With it brings issues of safety and etiquette which need to be addressed so all can enjoy their archery and each session is used to the maximum.


So maybe now is a good time to review how we set up, shoot together so it flows and we are all safe.

Range Layout:

  • Wherever possible help with the setting up and taking down of the range prior to putting together bows and personal equipment. The more hands on this the quicker it is done.
  • Ensure the safety notice is in position by the gate.
  • Ensure that one archer is acting as field captain and has a whistle.


Lost Arrows:

  • If an arrow misses the target, the archer looks for it whilst the other archers collect their arrows. If it is not found, the archer writes their name, the target and number of missing arrows on a board on the shooting line and shooting continues. At agreed times during and at the end of shooting everyone helps to find the missing arrows. The same applies to an arrow point lost in the boss.


Shooting line etiquette:

  • Only 4 archers to shoot at the same target at a time, ideally in two details. If more want to shoot at that distance then another boss is needed.
  • When changing distance, or boss ask if it is OK to shoot on the boss and respect the foot position other archers are already using.
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment ready before going on to the shooting line.
  • When people are shooting keep the noise to a minimum.
  • Check it’s OK to pull another archers arrows from the target before doing so. This only needs to be done once.
  • Never, touch another archer’s bow with out permission, offer advice unless asked or pester other archers for their score.
  • Scopes are now allowed on the shooting line in competition but it is not necessary to look at your last arrow through it.
  • If you break another archers arrow through pulling or walking on it then offer to pay for a replacement.
  • During competitions if only one archer is left shooting then stay on the line with them until they have finished.
  • Score arrows without touching them, just point to them with the score in two groups of three.


Other than club shooting, competitions bring additional ‘rules’ around mobile phones, MP4 players, photography etc. If you are not sure on any aspect of this then have a word with the club officers.


As a general point can we all clear away any rubbish we have generated, return all mugs etc and where possible assist in the process of washing up etc, so it does not always fall to the few.


Sorry this looks like a list of do’s and don’ts but if we are to all enjoy our sport and allow it to flow then it is a useful review to undertake. Any comments on this willingly received.



Reviewed April 2016